To celebrate the Sydney Waterfront, whales, community and the official opening of the Western Harbour Precinct in its entirety; 30 whale Tales will tell 30 stories through art, along a connected trail for 6 weeks. Following their installation, the sculptures will be auctioned with proceeds supporting the Kids Cancer Project.
Inspired by personal connection to the iconic site-location & story telling, Pink Bits artwork presents a collection of memories from family photographs from 1995's Darling Harbour.
The painted design is blissfully playful in its rounded illustrative style; whilst exploring recognisable & relatable elements. The design is enveloped in an organic pattern of the ocean's ripples, with a trove of memories spliced between them.
The finished Whale Tale was fittingly displayed at Sydney's very own Sydney Fish Market.

Check out the painting process​​​​​​​
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