Pink Bits creatively reveals the bits we've been told & taught to hide.
Christine Yahya is an Armenian-Australian creative based in Sydney, who began illustrating Pink Bits in October, 2016.
Pink Bits' artwork is inspired by people & bodies - Illustrating the bits we’re both told & taught to hide.
She strives to create artful representation for daily realities, diverse bodies and art for those who are not commonly featured in our media-dense society. 
She often explores themes of feminism, identity, mental health, sex positivity and more through her work.

Pink Bits has worked with clients including: 
Archer & Olive  -  Archer Magazine  -  Art Pharmacy  -  Bodyform UK  -  Bonjibon  -  Dame Products  -  Elvie  -  Future Classic  -  Hara  -  Lelo  -  Libra  -  Lovehoney  -  Nala  -  NORMAL  -  Polette  -  Refinery 29  -  Spectrum Boutique  -  Sunroom  -  Thames & Hudson  -  The Honey Pot Company  -  Thinx  -  Understance & more

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