What do you want to see in 2023?Β 
This question inspired 12 unique calendar illustrations toΒ adorn customer's walls for the year.
The artworks ranged from quirky and familiar, to through provoking and inspiring.Β 
The calendar explores a range of ideas including:
πŸ’— 'My basil plant surviving',
πŸ’— 'My crush...without butterflies taking over'
πŸ’— 'The Word Fat'
πŸ’— 'Our climate cared for'
πŸ’— 'Queer Joy'
πŸ’— 'The Female Gaze'
πŸ’— 'My Inner Child Heal'
πŸ’— 'A Horror Film (without hiding under the covers)'
πŸ’— 'Body Autonomy Respected'
and more.
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