Who Loves The Sun | Exhibition
Who Loves The Sun | Exhibition
Who Loves The Sun | Exhibition

Who Loves The Sun | Exhibition

SEP 2017

Opening on R U OK? Day, the ‘Who Loves The Sun?’ exhibition opened at the in.cube8r Gallery in Melbourne, Australia - with proceeds being donated to the charity.

Who Loves The Sun? is a conversation. Artists drew upon their own personal experiences with mental health.
My exhibited piece was inspired by my complicated relationship with mental health, the sun and the period of completing my final university project.

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Title: (s)untouched
Artist Statement:
During this time, I confined myself to my desk for long hours. I did not take proper breaks and did not go outside for long periods of time.

My family and partner would encourage me to regularly to go outside for fresh air, sunshine, and remind me that vitamin D from the sun is vital for my struggles with mental health. I would often refuse, and choose to stay slouched at my desk and continue working.

During this period my mental health was not at its best, my skin became pale and I became very familiar with the way light would cast itself through my window blinds. This being my main source of sun for the semester.