Intimina | #WhileBleeding

Intimina | #WhileBleeding

Mar 2020

Intimina is on a mission to empower women and create products that help from menstruation to menopause. The #WhileBleeding campaign was formed to spark a conversation about resilient power of women through profiles of strong women, period stories and open discussion. Individuals had the opportunity to nominate someone they find inspiring for the chance to win a prize pack from Intimina. 

Based on the #WhileBleeding concept, I created an illustration titled: 'BLEED ON THEM', that evokes strong and powerful energy for menstruaters in my community!

This illustration is for the menstruaters who are taking care of their mental health, are going through school, who are working, who are raising or supporting people, who are advocating for their communities, who are dealing with the toll of their period.

To those who are dealing with the systems designed to halter them, and hush them from even mentioning their periods.This is for those who persist and do so #WhileBleeding - it’s not easy. 

This illustration serves as an item of respect & solidarity to those who balance it all and are powerful beings throughout.

This illustration features a person sitting atop a duotone mountain of items that represent all the things they must persist through #WhileBleeding.