Intimina | Menstrual Hygiene Day

Intimina | Menstrual Hygiene Day

Mar 2020

Intimina is on a mission to empower women. May 28th is Menstrual Hygiene Day, and aims to help break the silence, raise awareness and change negative social norms surrounding menstrual hygiene around the world.

To coincide with Menstrual Hygiene Day, Pink Bits & Intimina collaborated to create a relatable and honest piece of art, this was achieved via an artwork titled 'A Bathful'.

This concept evokes a relatable thought / experience when it comes to periods. I was inspired by my own perception of how much blood is dispelled each month during menstruation - it always feels like A LOT! But in reality, it’s no more than a few tablespoons.

I set out to create a relatable, humorous and striking illustration based on this idea of an oversized, overflowing menstrual cup. Complete with textures of a period and drops.