Fitzpleisure | Logo Design

Fitzpleisure | Logo Design

JUN 2019

Fitzpleisure hand-make dreamy and magical underwear in Melbourne, Australia; and needed a Icon/logo that represented the brand at a glance and upon all digital + print collateral for the opening of their new online store.

The design was inspired by the intersection of food & pleasure (pleisure), but also the elements of growth associated with fruit. This approach captures the playfulness and cheekiness of the Fitzpleisure brand through the humorous and suggestive adaptation of cherries. The colours were inspired by the newly designed logo-type from Fitzpleisure.

"I was very fortunate to be able to work with Christine to design my graphic logo! She worked especially well in regards to adapting a cohesive design that fit within my needs, whilst still offering a number of unique and creative options. I am extremely pleased with the final outcome and could not have imagined anyone better than Christine to work with. She is also incredibly kind, had high attention to detail, was incredibly efficient, and very accommodating to my given timeframe and requests! I would absolutely recommend her to everyone!!

Sonali Chaudhary, Founder of Fitzpleisure