Elvie | Breast Feeding Journeys

Elvie | Breast Feeding Journeys

Oct 2020

Elvie’s mission is to improve women’s lives through smarter technology. Elvie will be celebrating the launch of x2 new products, to help breastfeeding mums with convenient, wearable products that make things easier.

To support this release, we collaborated to develop artwork that represents different breast feeding experiences and opened up a conversation about the realities and challenges in breast feeding.

This illustration is set within a transient space, and captures a feeling of crucial connection & support throughout one’s feeding journey. The illustrations feels warm to reflect this, but also draw attention to just a snippet of feeding realities you might never notice. It also goes without saying…let people breast feed in public!

Check out the post here

"Christine was a delight to work with. Every stage of the process was effortless and flexible. I was especially impressed with the return brief I received. Christine's thought process was clear and I was spoilt with lovely ideas to choose from!" Charlie Harlow | Marketing Graduate, Elvie