Film portrait of Christine. She is standing in front of a pink flowering bush, with her hand to the side of her face in a warm moment.

Christine Yahya is an Armenian-Australian creative based in Sydney, who began illustrating Pink Bits in October, 2016.

Pink Bits' artwork is inspired by and celebrates people & bodies in all their glory. Illustrating the bits we’re both told & taught to hide. 

She strives to create artful representation for daily realities, diverse bodies and art for those who are not commonly featured in our media-dense society. She often explores themes of feminism, identity, mental health, sex positivity and more through her work.

Pink Bits has worked with LovehoneyThinx, Bodyform UK, Dame Products, Archer Magazine, Elvie, Lelo & more
Featured by Pop SugarPeppermint Magazine, GraziaRefinery 29, Shape, Evening Standard, Subvrt Magazine, THIIIRD & more 

Want to get in touch? For all enquiries email hello@pink-bits.com or head to our Contact Page


Portrait by Risako Katsumata