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A Whole New O! A new Fantastic Clitoral Vibrator

A Whole New O! A new Fantastic Clitoral Vibrator

Oh Sona - you get me, you understand me and intuit my clit’s every need (and she needs a lot).

For your reading pleasure, I tried out Lelo’s clitoral massager: SONA Cruise, and oh boy. Make yourself a tea, and sit down for this one.

A bit of context around my history with sex toys:
I came to the sex-toy party around 19, starting with cheap gimmicky toys (just anything I could get my hands on, as wandering into a sex store was taboo to my young-ish self, and I’d be damned if my mum picked up a parcel I ordered online), the vibrations were weak, and so were the orgasms.

I then took a giant leap and got my hands on a magic wand. This piece of engineering is typically thought of as the divine, the bringer of strong vibes and orgasms wherever she goes. And it’s true, I love my wand, her vibes are strong, she’s reliable and gets the job done with a stellar success rate.

However, after a few years of using the wand, I’ve grown accustomed to her, she’s familiar (in the best way), but I can hold off now, I can control my orgasm in a way I couldn’t when I was bright eyed and new to making her acquaintance.

And every so often, I go numb, or I need more of a push that she can’t quite deliver. I’ll press her harder to my clit to try get that extra bit to tip over, but this achieves the opposite effect, and causes the vibes to be dulled when pressing onto myself. Which in the moment of teetering, is always a bummer.

 So then along comes SONA. OK.

 SONA Cruise clit vibrator SONA Cruise fits perfectly in your hand

At first glance, I was curious. I’ve been curious about a clitoral vibrator / suction style massager - It’s something I hadn’t tried before.

When you first pick SONA up, it is aesthetically pleasing, smooth lines and an organic shape that fits ergonomically in your hand. You know it’s a toy, you’re excited, but slightly unsure how to proceed.

After my foreplay with the instruction manual, I learned that you hold the vibrator seemingly upside-down, with your fingers on the back mirror, so you can’t see your sins.

You pull your clitoral hood back, and the doughnut-shaped well sucks up your clit, and you can feel the sonic vibes.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty…

SONA Cruise nozzle SONA Cruise clit vibrator with elegant design

SONA Cruise is one hell of a lover - giving, intuitive and has relentless energy. My first time with SONA - got me there in probably 40 seconds…
SONA is intense, and if i'm being honest, was more intense for me than my Magic Wand (which says a lot).

The reason SONA is so mind-blowing, is because it doesn’t just stimulate the external parts of your Clit. The chamber gets around your clit and covers more ground, but also because it’s a sonic clit vibrator - meaning it doesn’t rely on just vibrations like most sex toys, but uses sonic waves to stimulate 75% more of your clitoris.

SONA is a pleasurable journey, you can cum quickly (my first experience anyway), or you can just as easily ride it out and enjoy the sonic waves.

Two words… ‘Cruise Control’. Cruise Control? Is that just leaving it on a setting? Why no my dears, let me show you the light.
Earlier in this journal, I touched on vibrators needing to deliver that last extra hit to tip you over, but pressing into yourself would cause the opposite effect? It would dull the vibration.

So, cruise control is the automatic invention to combat this heart-breaking first world problem.

Cruise control is a feature that reserves 20% of SONA Cruise’s full power during normal use, so that when it’s pressed hard against the body and the motor begins to drop power, that extra 20% is unleashed so that there’s no reduction of intensity.
There’s no button you have to press for this, no stopping and starting, it’s completely intuitive and seamless.

Praise be SONA Cruise, praise be.

The main thing I’ll mention is, if you’ve grown accustomed to the Magic wand or other vibrators (as I was), you may instinctively try use the tip of SONA’s dome to concentrate the sonic vibes / ease them - this won’t work.
To feel the waves, your clitoris has to be within the dome, not on the outside. The exterior doesn’t deliver stimulation.

LELO SONA Cruise review - Charing Socket SONA Cruise clitoris vibrator on a shelf

Other much-appreciated features include:

It’s waterproof!
Not like ‘This specific part is ok with a small splash/fluids, so be careful of the rest’ - but it's submergible. Though, I haven’t tried submerging it - the thought low-key makes me nervous.
The design uses one piece of high quality silicone - keeping it watertight (even at the charging socket) and also easy to clean. I like to also use a little cotton bud to get inside the dome, to make sure it’s properly cleaned.

Need I say more?

And USB rechargable
So no more clambering for batteries, or twisting open toys, or going to play and realising you need batteries and have none in the house. Good for the environment too.
Before using for the first time, you need to charge SONA for 2 hours. But after this, if you charge for an hour, you’ll get an hour of pleasure.

Simple interface:
There’s just three buttons to keep things simple. Because when your eyes are closed in pleasure, you don’t want to be thinking about how to work your toy too hard - it can really detract from your time. 
There's a few settings to play with, the usual static that goes up in intensity (fave), and then a few different patterns too (I never use the pattern mode, do you?)

SONA Cruise is great - it's a 10/10 orgasms from me.
But what works for me may not be your vibe (lol sorry), but would definitely recommend giving SONA a try.

If you’re new to sex toys and vibrators, I wouldn’t start out with SONA or the magic wand - these are wonderfully strong toys, and you’ve got plenty of time to work your way there.

If you decide to try out SONA would love to hear what you thought of it - Let’s discuss!

See More:
Available / check out SONA Here

Check out Lelo’s 25-70% off SALE Here

Thanks for reading loves, hope you enjoyed this lil journal

Much love,
Christine x

This journal entry was kindly sponsored by LELO <3 
Although this journal was sponsored, this does not effect, influence or interfere with my account of my experience using SONA Cruise.

Dec 11, 2020

Thanks Sasha!

I’d highly recommend checking out these shops:
Dame Products (US)
Spectrum Boutique (US)
Max Black (AUS)
Sexsiopa (IRE)
ShopEnby (US)

Each of these stores have such beautiful customer service and are sex positive spaces, so will be able to help if you have technical questions on toys.

But i’d also recommend getting to know what you like, to better inform your toy selection!

What sensations you like, what techniques you might enjoy during masturbation or coupled play, what fantasies you enjoy or how a toy might help propel it.

I currently have a vibrator from Dame products called ‘Kip’, i’d recommend that highly as an intro vibrator :)
I’d personally steer clear from suction toys or a wand as a first toy, and work your way up to these if you like strong vibes.

Pink Bits | Christine
Dec 11, 2020

Thank you for your article/journal. I was wondering if you would have any recommendations for those who may have never tried any toys, and maybe where to begin/start.
Much Thanks,


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