Riding The Wave | LELO Soraya Wave Review

Riding The Wave | LELO Soraya Wave Review

2020 feels like the year of many things, but whilst many of us are spending more time at home; it feels like a time of rediscovery and seizing more time for sexual pleasure.

I’m a big advocate of masturbation and the use of toys (as if that weren’t clear through my art). My toy-style usually takes the tone of: obliterate the clitoris, with constant & strong vibrations.

It’s a very time-effective way to achieve an orgasm, but doesn’t indulge in building pleasure. It’s a steep mountain, not a hilled valley approach.

I’ve tried my fair share of rabbit vibrators before, and though the concept of vibes + g spot stimulation is everything I want, I hadn’t found my match.

This month, I tried the LELO Soraya Wave for the first time, and it’s probably the best rabbit vibrator I’ve tried yet and quite different to anything I’ve used. It’s a double vibrator and g spot stimulator. Love that for me. So, welcome to my Soraya Wave review, let’s talk about it.


First Impressions & Unboxing

As like any LELO product, unboxing the Soraya Wave is a sexy ordeal for a packaging nerd such as myself.
The black packaging itself boasts a snake-skin texture, giving me all the 90s sexy vibes I was apparently after. The toy is nestled perfectly inside the box, behind a clear window.

The first thing that catches my eye is the shiny metal designed into the toy, which contrasts the silky soft, body safe, black silicone.
For the life of me, I can’t work out if its gold or silver…the science isn’t in yet. What do you think? The metal features on the handle of the toy, and on the tapered tip of the toy.

The handle of the toy is beautifully designed but also so practical. The handle has negative space carved out, in an organic oval shape, which was so intuitive to pick up, and I know will be useful when the time comes.

LELO Soraya Wave in black. The toy rests on it's base, with tip & rabbit facing upwards towards the sky, with a white background behind it.

All the other rabbit vibrators I’ve previously used, typically have a very thick base, with multiple buttons on the surface; which during play isn’t the most comfortable to hold and manoeuvre one’s fingers to hit the right buttons.
Lord knows I’ve ruined so many orgasms by pressing (-) instead of (+) at the wrong moment. The Soraya Wave appears refined, with only 3 buttons ( -), (power), (+). Good.

I went to try it immediately, but as I always forget, you need to charge it first. Begrudgingly I picked up the silky satin bag the box provides, pop the toy in, and plug in the USB chord to charge it for a while.
The box also contains warranty, a single sachet of lube & instructions, that I should’ve read before trying to hit ‘Start’ anyway.


First experience & how it feels

I lathered up the toy in my own water-based lube and went to insert. My first thought was that I liked how the tip was tapered, as opposed to very rounded. I actually took it out to look again, gave it a nod of approval and then popped it back in.

Upon hitting the power button, the toy springs into motion and I immediately understood the language on the box talking about ‘Wave Motion Technology’.

The way the internal arm moves is exquisite.
It's definitely the highlight of the toy and best movement I’ve had in a rabbit vibrator. It feels natural as opposed to mechanical thrusts forwards & backwards. It feels like a lover’s fingers when they slightly curl their fingers inside during play. The internal arm + external rabbit also vibrate in unison with its movement *chefs kiss*

After acquainting myself with the internal arm’s movements, I shifted my focus to my old favourite when it comes to sex toys. The clitoral vibrator.

This part of the toy was quite different for me! As I brazenly shared earlier, I’m an ‘obliterate the clit’ type of vibrator-user, and have never been one to use the patterned vibration settings on my toys.

LELO Soraya Wave in cobalt blue. The toy leans upon a warm timber wall, with a pastel blue faux fur rug underneath it, creating a beautiful contrast of textures.

The Soraya Wave, really embodies the word ‘wave’ in every part of its design. From the physical design resembling a wave shape, to the way the internal arm moves & vibrates in unison, and right down to the patterned vibration style of the rabbit head.

This was certainly challenging for me, and upon habit I found myself hitting the (+) button a few times in search of the constant vibration setting, to no avail.

In retrospect, I made the mistake of turning on the toy and finding myself (unknowingly) at the highest setting, and having nowhere to move. So it took a little time to adjust and let the vibes take over at their present intensity.

Once I settled in and realised that by using this toy, you’re meant to revel, take your time, ride the waves and allow yourself that pleasurable space; I found myself reaching a beautiful blended orgasm.

So often during this year, orgasms for me have been a way to sleep, relax, for boredom and often a quick release. This toy slowed me right down and reminded me to take my time for pleasure and enjoy the journey as opposed to the tip of the mountain.

It’s not like the LELO Sona Cruise I reviewed last year, where it’s 0 to 100, and climax comes quick. This is almost the opposite, where time is to be taken, a journey is to be had & it’s hard to rush.

As suspected during my first impressions, the ergonomic design of the handle was great. My arm, wrist & hand were not strained after clutching the toy. It was my other hand that was sore, after holding up my clitoral hood the whole time - so, it was a success for the Soraya Wave.

LELO Soraya wave in cobalt blue. The toy lies on a copper toned vinyl fabric, which resembles snake skin. As the fabric folds, it emits a golden shine, which mimcs the shiny gold upon the toy.



If you’re rather new to toys & vibrators, I’d recommend this toy. It’s great for foreplay. The patterned vibration settings are great to start with. The lowest setting being quite mild, and the highest setting being something I’d personally consider a medium (but of course, this varies on you, your body, your experiences, etc).

If you’re after something slow & sensual, something to get you in the mood or a great tool for foreplay, I’d recommend this toy. The exquisite internal movement is the best of a rabbit vibrator I’ve tried.

If you’re an experienced toy user & someone who likes ‘strong vibes’, this may not be for you (if you’re looking for a similar vibration approach)


Other Features & Specs

Sound & volume
This toy isn’t whisper quiet! So if you're concealing your toys whilst living at home, this wouldn’t be the quietest option.
One thing I liked though, is that you can hear the waves through the double vibrators, how neat

Body safe
The toy is made of an ultra-soft premium silicone. It’s body safe & hygienic Be sure to use a water-based lube with any silicone toys to give them a good life.

Fully waterproof
Thank god. It also makes it super easy to clean afterwards,
which is very important.

Love that

USB rechargeable
Batteries are out, rechargeable is in

Simple interface
As discussed, there’s only 3 buttons! Which keeps things nice and simple, and keeps you from clambering for the instruction-manual mid-play.


If you've tried or decide to try this toy, I’d love to know what you thought!
You can check out more details about the toy Here


This review was kindly sponsored by LELO, who gifted the product
for me to base this review on.

Although this review was sponsored, this does not effect, influence
or interfere with my account of my experience using the Soraya Wave.

Features, product highlights & general information were provided
to me to read, consider & be informed by prior to use.

Featured product images were provided by LELO

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