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An Orgasmic Xmas miracle! | LELO Sila Review

An Orgasmic Xmas miracle! | LELO Sila Review

All I wanted for Xmas was a clit sucking vibrator…in an xmas miracle as old as time, the LELO Sila appeared! Let’s sit down with our festive warm drinks and compare notes over this LELO Sila review, shall we?

The Xmas miracle actually looked more like LELO sliding in my inbox again, (a modern Santa). To which I did a shimmy at my desk, but in my reply played it off as cool & professional.

First Impressions & Unboxing

When the suction vibrator arrived to my home, it appeared beautiful as always. The toy was an approachable turquoise blue, with golden metal finishes on the sides, with the LELO logo stamped in. The unboxing always feels lavish and legit, unlike the toys I first started out buying in my youth.

The Sila is a different shape to any toy I’ve tried or seen, but its approach of clitoral suction is ultimately familiar. The toy itself is a flat circle, with a now-wider suction mouth at one end, and the three control buttons diagonally across from it.

It fits ergonomically in my hand, however I’m unsure how it would treat those with limited or painful joint movement in their fingers or wrists.

Lelo Sila Clitoral Vibrator in a light lavender colour silicone and warm-toned metal detailing. The toy is circular in shape and sits upright with a soft grey shadow underneath, with a plain white background.

First Experience

My first time trying the LELO Sila was during partnered sex (shout out to my partner, hey). The outcome was very positive and delivered intensely targeted vibrations to my clitoris, beyond just the tip.

In a more descriptive version of the outcome, it appeared that a wildly successful exorcism was taking place, and I left the session with 4 orgasms. It looked like my upbringing of religious guilt around sex was being exorcised in another xmas miracle.

The sheets were thrown in the wash, the windows were opened, and I made myself a sandwich.


Second Experience

My second time trying the LELO Sila was more analytical and thoughtful, as I ventured to my shower and took my time controlling the toy for myself. My first time with Sila felt more electric. Faster. And more frequent to reach my pleasure’s peaks, so I expected a similar outcome here.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found playing with Sila solo, that it was reminiscent of my experience with LELO Soraya Wave. In that slow sex was the tone for this self-pleasure exercise. I was able to take my time, enjoy waves and valleys and was not able to rush the experience like I can with a wand.

While the toy was switched on, it was striking to look into its mouth! you can see the base of the toy’s mouth rapidly rise and fall to deliver even more movement and stimulation to the clitoris. This in addition to the surging vibrations throughout the toy.

The orgasms that result from this approach always feel very intense and indulgent in tone, for myself.

What’s your preference? Fast & strong/direct, or slow & intense?
There are similarities & overlap for sure, but they’re different ok!!



During solo play, one thing I did note was the difference in size of the mouth of the suction cup.

I’ve previously played with and reviewed the SONA 2 Cruise in my journals. This toy is very effective, but now that I’m holding the Sila in hand, it strikes me that this suction toy has quite a narrow mouth for the clitoris in comparison. I wonder how this would home a wide variety of clitoris’ or anatomy, and how many it would truly suit and benefit.

The new wider mouth is a bit more comfortable to use, and therefore was able to home & pleasure more of my clitoris.

The vibrations are exquisite, as I’ve come to expect! There are 8 vibration settings, your girl always goes for the constant setting - But there are patterned options too, if that’s your thing.

When trying out the toy, I was initially excited for the ergonomics of the circular shape, that fit so beautifully within my hand. I tried this toy standing up, I found when I looked down, I was not able to see the control buttons, as they’re placed just behind the cusp of the circular curve. This did become challenging as I wanted to switch controls without seeing the buttons, and had to pull the toy away to get my bearings before returning my clitoris to its clit-sucking-home.

This did ultimately detract from the experience, however I anticipate with more use, I’ll better acquaint myself with the button placements.

It took me a little time during my solo session to work out that you press the centre ‘power’ button to shift through the vibration styles. When you land on your preferred vibration style, then you  press the + and - buttons, to adjust the intensity on these. Pressing the + and - buttons on their own, won’t sift you through the vibration styles!

When you’re done, hold down the centre power button again and it’ll turn off, until next time.


Lelo Sila Clitoral Vibrator lays on its side in the shade of soft Lavender. The toy shines with warm metal details which complements the warm & inviting environment it creates. It lays atop a caramel furry rug, tan leather folder, and amongst a black celestial journey, baby pink phone case and love letters.


Soap & Sound

Cleaning the Sila was quite simple and straightforward. With the toy being waterproof and made of extra body safe silicone, a quick rinse with water and a hearty spray of toy-cleaner made it quite easy to wipe clean. For the mouth of the toy, I like to dedicate a single spray and then go in with an ear-bud to make sure it’s been wiped clean and evenly dried.

The toy then get’s tucked into its silky-soft pouch and placed in a drawer, next to my makeup products. As I no longer live at home or have fear of my family finding my toys, it’s wonderful. This freedom though I admit, has made me a little lazy in packing away things like cuffs after play, and they linger around on my chest of drawers for a while. But I digress!

If you are living at home, the silky pouch has a tiny ‘LELO’ label sewn in at the side, and near the draw strings of the pouch. It’s small and subtle, which will hopefully help if you need to conceal your toys. Otherwise, you could quite easily give it a little snip, and have a plain black pouch instead.

Noise & sound wise, I’d deem this toy to be quite quiet for a suction vibrator when you switch it on! The noise enters the chat when you apply it to your skin. Then the sounds of slurping, sucking and suction begin to play; and it's no longer a quiet or hide-able option. So if you need to hide your vibes at home, this one isn't too silent, sorry.



This toy is a lot of fun and very flexible depending on the tone of your play! It’s great for partnered use, and just as wonderful in solo masturbation. It’s a toy that promotes slow sex, self exploration and the building of tension through teasing and powerful vibrations. I had a great time with this suction vibrator.




Sound & volume
This toy isn’t whisper quiet! So if you're concealing your toys whilst living at home, this wouldn’t be the quietest option.

Body safe
The toy is made of an ultra-soft premium silicone. It’s body safe & hygienic Be sure to use a water-based lube with any silicone toys to give them a good life.

Fully waterproof
Yes! Phew!

Yep! And is USB rechargeable 

Simple interface
As discussed, there’s only 3 buttons! Which keeps things nice and simple, but it may take a little adjustment to gain your bearings on the buttons.


If you've tried or decide to try this toy, I’d love to know what you thought!
You can check out more details about the toy Here




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for me to base this review on.

Although this review was sponsored, this does not effect, influence
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